Release Notes 2024.1.1

Improvements to the user interface (UI) for the login and registration pages.

The login and registration pages of the ExtremeB2B website have been updated with a new and improved user interface (UI).

Improvements to the user interface (UI) for language selection.

The language selection feature on the ExtremeB2B website has been improved to support English, Spanish, and French.

New feature to resend the registration verification link after it has expired.

A verification link will be sent to the registrant after completing the registration process. The verification link will expire within 3 days of the completed registration. If the user clicks on the expired verification link, they will receive the “Resend email verification link” error message.

On the login page, if the user tries to log in with their credentials, we provide a “Resend verification link” option. Clicking on this option will resend the verification link.”

The user has the ability to request a new invitation if the previous invitation link expires.

If the user clicks on the invitation sent to them via email for account access and it has expired, the user will receive a pop-up message stating “Your invitation has expired, do you want to request a new invite from the sender?” Clicking on ‘YES’ will notify the person who sent the invitation to send a new invite. Clicking on ‘NO’ will simply close the pop-up.

The user has the ability to switch accounts, with the default account displayed on the Account screen.

If a user has multiple accounts, they can now switch accounts by clicking on ‘Switch Account’ in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will allow them to select the desired account.

An option is provided to delete the notifications.

The notifications displayed to the logged-in user can now be permanently deleted.

Dedicated tabs are provided for Apps, Services, and Connectors.

In the My Apps & Maketplace sections there are now seperates tabs for Apps, service and connections.

User case sensitivity was causing issues across the site. Case insensitivity has been incorporated wherever required

For example, when the usernames were ‘’ and ‘’, the system considered them as separate users due to case sensitivity. However, it should be case insensitive. This issue was present across the site, including registration, login usernames, and inviting users. Now, this is fixed, and the username is treated as case insensitive.

The Microsoft SSO login with domains other than ImpaqX was not functioning correctly.

Previously, when any user outside of ImpaqX attempted to register with a Microsoft account, an error was thrown. Now, users from domains other than ImpaqX can register and utilize the app without encountering any issues.

Account deletion will be performed based on invited user-specific criteria, and complete deletion will only be executed by the account owner.

For example, if Shashwath (the owner) invites Ashray to the account and Ashray tries to delete his account, previously, even Shashwath’s account was getting deleted. The fix has been implemented so that the owner’s account doesn’t get deleted when an invited user (Ashray) deletes their account