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Interactive Parts Diagram

Boost your parts sales and be the vendor of choice!

Revolutionizing digital parts management for manufacturers, suppliers, and parts dealers!

Streamlined Digital Manuals and BOM Delivery

Pikclix is your comprehensive solution for delivering product manuals and Bills of Materials (BOM) in a digital format. Say goodbye to traditional paper manuals and embrace the efficiency of digital content delivery.

Interactive Parts Diagrams for Effortless Ordering

Experience the future of parts ordering with Pikclix's interactive parts diagrams. Users can simply touch any part on the diagram to seamlessly place orders, making the procurement process quicker and more intuitive.

Seamless Integration with Procurement and Ecommerce Systems

Pikclix ensures a smooth integration with your existing procurement or ecommerce systems. Share digital content with suppliers and customers effortlessly, and receive parts orders directly into your system, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.

Universal Accessibility for All Relevant Players

Once digitized, your digital content becomes a valuable resource accessible to all relevant stakeholders. From suppliers to customers, Pikclix centralizes information, making it a go-to source for equipment manuals, videos, spec sheets, tips, and tricks.

Empowering Consumers with Direct Parts Ordering

Pikclix empowers consumers by providing a centralized hub to access equipment manuals, videos, spec sheets, and the ability to order parts directly. Whether you're an on-field technician or a DIY enthusiast, Pikclix makes identifying and ordering required parts a breeze.

AI-Powered Digitization Module

Take advantage of Pikclix's AI digitization module to effortlessly digitize existing documents. Publish, share, and integrate with your current systems seamlessly. Let Pikclix's AI technology enhance your workflow and bring efficiency to your documentation processes.

Join the digital revolution with Pikclix

Where managing product manuals, ordering parts & accessing essential information is easier, faster, and more intelligent. Transform your processes with Pikclix today!

Shop The Look

Revolutionize your online showroom experience!

Say goodbye to the traditional search, navigation, and eCommerce experience, and step into a new era of visual online shopping!

Immerse Yourself in a Visual Wonderland

Pikclix takes your online showroom to the next level by allowing customers to interact with objects in a real-life setting. No more static galleries where customers can only look – now they can touch, explore, and engage with the products as if they were right there in your showroom.

Visualize, Interact, Order

With Pikclix, your customers can directly order what catches their eye. Explore product specifications, check prices, and seamlessly place orders, all while immersing themselves in a dynamic and visually stimulating shopping experience. It's like bringing the showroom to their fingertips!

Real-Life Shopping Experience, Virtually

Pikclix creates a bridge between the online and real-world shopping experiences. Your customers can now enjoy the tactile and interactive aspects of in-person shopping, right from the comfort of their own homes. It's a game-changer for those seeking a more immersive connection with your products.

Seamless Integration with Your Commerce System

Worried about disrupting your existing commerce system? Fear not! Pikclix seamlessly integrates with any commerce system you have in place. Whether you're using popular platforms or have a custom solution, Pikclix effortlessly fits into your setup, enhancing your customer experience without causing any headaches.

Why Pikclix?

Engagement: Transform passive browsing into an engaging, interactive experience.
Efficiency: Streamline the shopping process with direct ordering and quick access to product details.
Innovation: Stay ahead of the curve with a cutting-edge solution that redefines online retail.
Integration: Pikclix plays well with your current commerce system, ensuring a smooth transition.

Ready to revolutionize your online showroom? Bring the magic of real-life shopping to your customers’ screens with Pikclix. Elevate your eCommerce game and provide an unforgettable shopping journey. Try Pikclix today – where visual meets virtual, and shopping becomes an experience!